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Kristen Inoa

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Kristen Inoa
Senior Business Unit Manager


Veterans Day is November 11

November is National Veterans and Military Families Month with November 11 recognized as Veterans Day, honoring and celebrating those who served in the United States Armed Forces, National Guard or are currently Active Reservists. With approximately 19 million veterans in the United States (VA, 2021), veterans are an integral part of the workforce and our businesses.

Part of celebrating an inclusive and diverse workforce at Jabil is about showcasing the voices of our veterans, who bring unique experiences to make our people, customers and communities better.

Sr. Business Unit Manager Kristen Inoa joined the Marine Corps following her high school graduation and was among the first troops in Pakistan and Afghanistan following the September 11th attacks. Her years of service helped her to develop the necessary skills to achieve success for Jabil customers in the industrial, technology, solar, and defense and aerospace industries.

“Military training is about discipline, adapting quickly to new situations and solving problems in stressful environments for the greater good,” she said. “I have been able to do the same at Jabil for the last 17 years to ensure success for my customers and my career."

One of Kristen’s clients made respiratory ventilators, an in-demand medical device since the COVID-19 pandemic began. To achieve success in a highly stressful situation, she relied on her military experience of working with diverse teams to achieve goals.

“There’s also this strong sense of putting the unit’s goals ahead of your personal gains, which is something I learned at a young age by starting my career in the military,” she shared. “That mindset carried over to the civilian workplace really well, especially when we’re manufacturing important healthcare items for patients who need the equipment and need it fast.” Thanks to her leadership, efficient collaboration and her team-first focus, Kristen drove great success for our customers and ultimately, the patients.

While showing signs of improvement, unemployment rates for veterans have increased in the last year and a half due to the pandemic. Veterans bring a unique, value-add set of attributes and skills to the workforce.

For Kristen, Jabil was a natural fit for her civilian life. She said, “The manufacturing and technology industries change constantly, which is a natural fit for those with military experience. And Jabil welcomes you for who you are, which is important for everyone.”


Announced on Veterans Day, November 11, 2021 - Through our new partnership with Hiring Our Heroes, Jabil is honored to support service members and veterans as they transition to the civilian workforce, offering them more than just a job, but a long-term career that values their integrity, loyalty and strong work ethic. Click here to discover more.

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