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First Jabil Lean Six Sigma Green Belts Certified worldwide in Uzhgorod


March 10, 2021 - Yuliia Kampov and Kateryna Dereguzova, at Jabil Uzhgorod, Ukraine, have become the first Jabil employees worldwide to achieve Jabil's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program Certification.

The duo completed 40 hours of classroom training, delivered two high-impact projects, and demonstrated Six Sigma knowledge to become certified.

For Jabil Uzhgorod Operations Manager Mike Duran, pictured here with Yuliia (right) and Kateryna (below), the work the pair put in to achieving their certification is commendable. "It is a tough process to achieve Green Belt Certification, it takes many hours and much dedication. Through their projects these engineers improved processes at our site, achieved tangible hard savings and improved the service that we provide to our customers. They continually apply the knowledge gained daily through their work, encouraging, and mentoring other team members and helping the site move forward in its lean journey."


Green Belt Certification Delivers Personal Growth and Innovative Business Solutions

For Yuliia Kampov, this certification not only delivered a personal achievement but it can have career-long impact. “The training has given me a new state of mind where I no longer see obstacles and any goal seems achievable. I want to use that knowledge to enable my colleagues now to think about how we can drive improvements even further forward, benefit production, our customers and help our site achieve its goals.”

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