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Supervisor de Produccion

Req ID: J2294262

  • Ubicación
    Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Categoría Manufactura
  • Publicado miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2021
  • Tipo Tiempo completo
  • Tipo de Empleo Empleado Permanente

Descripción del Trabajo

Directs the activities of the Machine Support group. Responsible for maintaining production schedules and ensuring that quality standards are adhered to by the group.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


Recruitment and Retention:
·         Recruit, interview and hire Process Engineers, Industrial Techs, WAVE Techs, and Machine Support Techs
·         Communicate criteria to recruiters for Process Engineers, Industrial Techs, WAVE Techs, and Machine Support Techs candidates.
·         Coach machine support department staff in the interviewing/hiring process.
·         Monitor team member turnover; identify key factors that can be improved; make improvements.

Employee and Team Development:
·         Identify individual and team strengths and development needs on an ongoing basis.
·         Create and/or validate training curriculum in area of responsibility.
·         Coach and mentor tooling department staff to deliver excellence to every internal and external customer.
·         Create and manage succession plans for the machine shop function.

Performance Management:
·         Establish clear measurable goals and objectives by which to determine individual and team results (i.e. operational metrics, results against project timelines, training documentation, attendance records, knowledge of operational roles and responsibilities, personal development goals).
·         Solicit ongoing feedback from Workcell Manager (WCM), Business Unit Manager (BUM), peers and team member on the PE team member’s contribution to the workcell. Provide ongoing coaching and counseling to team member based on feedback.
·         Express pride in staff and encourage them to feel good about their accomplishments.
·         Perform team member evaluations professionally and on time.
·         Drive individuals and the team to continuously improve in key operational metrics and the achievement of the organizational goals.
·         Coordinate activities of large teams and keep them focused in times of crises.
·         Ensure recognition and rewards are managed fairly and consistently in area of responsibility.

·         Provide communication forum for the exchange of ideas and information with the department.
·         Organize verbal and written ideas clearly and use an appropriate business style.
·         Ask questions; encourage input from team members.
·         Assess communication style of individual team members and adapt own communication style accordingly.


·         Oversees the maintenance management program including repair parts, preventative maintenance, feeder maintenance, and the support equipment maintenance program
·         Plans the activities of the technical staff
·         Develops and maintains all department reports/records
·         Supervises the planning and execution of line moves and builds
·         Schedules equipment vendors for installation, repair and updates of equipment
·         Assure that procedures and work instructions are efficient and not redundant.
·         Offer new ideas and suggestions for improvement. Identify and implement new practices and processes that are “best in field.”
·         Demonstrate a commitment to customer service; anticipate, meet, and exceed expectations by solving problems quickly and effectively; making customer issues a priority.
·         Lead by example; “walk the talk.”
·         Utilize Jabil’s Advanced Engineering group to ensure useful support to Jabil South.
·         Establish new measurement systems if/where possible.
·         Adhere to all safety and health rules and regulations associated with this position and as directed by supervisor.
Comply with all procedures within the company security policy.

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering preferred; and three years experience in maintenance management; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Hands-on experience and knowledge of Surface Mount Technologies (SMT) and Thru-hole equipment/gear, process optimization, Statistical Process Control, Design for Manufacturability, Design for Test, Demand Flow Technology (line balancing), and Design of Experiment methodologies. Knowledge of engineering disciplines including chemistry, mechanical, electrical, and industrial as it pertains to surface mount and final assembly.

On-Time Delivery.
Schedule Attainment.
DL Attainment.
Shop Supply.
Over Time.
Total Cycle Time.    P
Units Produced / Time
Capacity Utilization. P
Actual Output / Potential Output x 100
Changeover Time. P
Yield P
Good Parts Produced / Total Units Produced
Scrap P
Total Scrap / Total Product Run
Planned Maintenance Percentage P
Planned Maintenance Time / Total Maintenance Time
Availability P
Uptime / Uptime + Downtime
Customer Return Rate P
Rejected Goods / Total Number Of Goods Delivered
OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness P
Availability * Performance * Quality
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