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Req ID: J2300235

  • Ubicación
    Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Categoría Ingenieria de Manufactura
  • Publicado miércoles, 5 de enero de 2022
  • Tipo Tiempo completo
  • Tipo de Empleo Empleado Permanente

Descripción del Trabajo

1. 碩士及以上學歷,機械工程專業,3年以上金屬工程相關項目經驗
2. 具備金屬加工、金屬材料、材料力學等知識,了解金屬加工有限元分析
3. 热爱工程數據分析,具有較強的分析、解決問題的能力;思路清晰,考慮問題全面細緻
4. 熟悉MySQL,MongoDB,InfluxDB等常用數據庫,能熟練進行SQL查詢優化,有海量數據處理經驗者优先
5. 具備團隊協作能力
6. 強烈的求知慾和優異的學習能力

1. Master's degree in mechanical engineering, with at least 3 years of experience in metal engineering related projects
2. Knowledge of metal processing, metal materials, material mechanics, etc. and understanding of metal processing finite element analysis
3. Passion for engineering data analysis, with strong analytical and problem solving skills; able to think clearly and consider problems in a comprehensive and detailed manner
4. Familiar with MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB and other common databases, and be proficient in SQL queries (experience in massive data processing is a plus)
5. Verbal communication skills and good teamwork spirit
6. Strong desire for knowledge and excellent learning ability

1. 構建CAE的數據庫系統
2. 金屬加工數據與CAE數據串連及整合
3. 利用數據庫數據提供工藝參數優化方案及建議
4. 數據系統優化、維護與異常排除

1. Build the system architecture of CAE database
2. Integrate data from actual metal processing and CAE simulations
3. Extracting data from the database to provide process parameter optimization solutions and recommendations
4. Optimize data system, maintenance and troubleshooting

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