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Req ID: J2300240

  • Ubicación
    Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Categoría Ingenieria de Manufactura
  • Publicado miércoles, 5 de enero de 2022
  • Tipo Tiempo completo
  • Tipo de Empleo Empleado Permanente

Descripción del Trabajo

1. Doctorate in chemistry, chemical engineering as well as chemical industry with over 5 years of related work experience or master's degree in these majors with over 8 years of related work experience
2. Have theoretical and experimental basis of synthetic chemistry and organic chemistry and able to develop chemicals formula independently
3. Candidates with experience in developing surfactants, electronic industry lotion, additives and other chemicals are preferred; Familiar with saponification, emulsification reaction, dispersant and other related applications
4. Equipped with basic chemical analysis abilities and necessary knowledge of the key indicators to be observed and respective analytical instruments for different chemicals
5. Have experience in DOE and do well in effective planning and data collection to build an effective prediction model
6. Proficient in English reading and writing and able to independently search and read foreign literatures
7. Have good communication skills and team work spirit
1. 化工、化學類專業;博士5年以上或硕士8年以上相關工作經驗
2. 具合成化學、有機化學理論與實驗基礎,有能力獨立進行藥劑配方開發
3. 具界面活性劑,電子産業洗劑,助劑..等藥劑開發經驗優先,熟悉皂化,乳化反應,分散劑..等相關應用
4. 具基本化學分析能力,知道不同藥劑需觀測的關鍵指標與所需的分析儀器
5. 具DOE經驗,能有效規劃數據收集,以建立有效之預測模型
6. 英文讀寫精通,能獨立查閱並理解國外文獻資料
7. 具有良好的溝通能力及團隊合作精神

1. Perform data analysis of deoiling, dusting and wax removal related processes for process improvement and chemicals development
2. Analyze the types and components of residual chemicals and formulate improvement plans
3. Define the qualities and indicators of different residual chemicals
4. Collect related indicators and build a prediction model(chemicals life expectancy, chemical cleaning quality,etc)
5. Carry out chemicals development and process improvement, and introduce to mass production verification according to the analysis results and mathematical model
6. Analyze abnormalities related to product surface cleanliness and lotion contamination based on data and product status
1. 進洗脫油,除灰,除蠟相關製程數據分析,改善與藥劑開發工作
2. 分析污染殘留種類成分並擬定改善方案
3. 由不同污染種類,定義品質與藥劑指標
4. 收集指標數據並建構預測模型(藥劑壽命,洗淨品質)
5. 依分析結果與數學模型,進行藥劑開發與製程改善,並導入量產驗證
6. 由數據與產品狀況分析表面潔淨,洗劑污染相關異常

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