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MTI Development Intern

Req ID: J2312635-IL

  • Ubicación
    Tampa/San Petersburgo, FL, Florida, United States of America
  • Categoría Servicios Administrativos
  • Publicado lunes, 4 de abril de 2022
  • Tipo Medio tiempo
  • Tipo de Empleo Empleado Temporal

Descripción del Trabajo

The intern will be working in the Manufacturing Technology and Innovation Group.  Members of this team develop technologies and processes that may be vital to Jabil’s future manufacturing needs.  The team works to implement new processes, refine existing process, or to introduce new technologies.

The Intern will be working with the individuals associated with Printed Electronics (PE).  This work involves building PE demonstrators and data collection for design of experiments (DOE’s).  

This includes the following:

  • Working with various hardware/test equipment: 

              (Digital Multimeter (DMM), Oscilloscope, Power Supplies, etc.)

  • Data Collection:  Resistance, Voltage, Current
  • Debug:  Graphic/Visual Inspection, Electrical Debug
  • Software:  Test Script Development, Data Analysis Scripts, Mobile Application Development, LabView

Project Description:

Projects will be Design of Experiments (DOE’s) to evaluate PE processes.  Additionally, many projects will be focused on expansion of PE capabilities as shown through DOE results and demonstrators.  Demonstrators will be different functional technologies that are implemented through a PE version of a functional system.  Often, the functionality of these demonstrators will be compared to a conventional PCB based equivalent.

Projects will focus on the following:

  • Demonstrator Build
  • Work on Statements of Work (SOW)
  • Design Reviews
  • Parts Purchase
  • Build
  • Debug (Voltage, Current, Resistance measurements)
  • Test (Voltage Current, Resistance measurements combined with Functional Test)

  •  Working with automated test systems for data collection.
  • Running existing scripts written in C, Python, or Jabil Test
  • Modifying test scripts
  • Debug of test scripts or related hardware

  •  Data Analysis
  • Develop/Modify parsing scripts written in C, Python, or Jabil Test
  • Analyze data (Charts, Trends, % Differences, etc.)

  •  Report Generation
  • Document DOE results
  • Document process/procedures of build
  • Document lessons learned/issues observed during build/DOE

  •  Software Development
  • Test Scripts
  • Firmware (Atmel, TI, Nordic)
  • Mobile Applications (iOS and Android)


The objective is to expose the intern to the various phases of PE study (DOE’s) and implementation (Demonstrators).  Ideally, the intern will perform activities suitable for an entry level engineer/team member.  The intern could be involved in the various phases of the project from SOW development all the way to test. 

The goal will be to allow the intern to work on project subtasks with minimal intervention/supervision by the team.

Key Deliverables:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Technical Reports
  • Hardware Assembly and Debug
  • Software Applications (Test Scripts, Parsers, Firmware, Mobile Apps, LabView)

ADDITIONAL skills as needed (e.g., proficient in excel):

1 – Programming Experience (C, C++, C#, Python)

2 – Debug Skills (DMM Measurement, Oscilloscope, etc.)

3 – Understanding of electrical design (Ability to read and understand data sheets for components)

4 – Presentation Skills

5 – Debug/Analytic/Problem Solving Skills


1 – Experience with solder, wiring, and hand tools

2 – Knowledge of RF Test and Measurement Equipment

3 – Mobile Application development experience (iOS and Android)

4 – Due to the level of depth the project has, a longer-term engagement is preferred

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