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E-DevOps Engineer

Req ID: J2314520-SGA

  • Ubicación
    Shanghai, Shanghái, China
  • Categoría Tecnologias de la Información
  • Publicado lunes, 9 de mayo de 2022
  • Tipo Tiempo completo
  • Tipo de Empleo Empleado Permanente

Descripción del Trabajo


The DevOps Engineer is responsible for providing overall configuration policy for daily activities for development, deployment, integration, and testing. Ensures appropriate standards of documentation and management control for promotion of development releases across all environments and into production. Designs, Implements and automates repeatable processes for deployment of releases.


·         Involvement with scripting languages such as PowerShell, ruby, JavaScript, bash, etc 

·         Familiar with the design, development and design in whole docker container lifecycle. Experienced in Docker and container techknowledge.

·         Message queuing system ex RabbitMQ or similar queue mechanism solution design and support.
·         Configuration management for web development and systems integration projects
·         Administering and maintaining version control repository for source code, including but not limited to branch management for multiple releases and collaboration between multiple development teams
·         Maintaining documentation and scripts describing system requirements for all build systems
·         Deployment of agile development methodologies
·         Designing, implementing, and automating development and deployment workflows in the cloud.
·         Ensures promotion of development releases from non-production to production environments, ideally for windows and Linux-based systems
·         Develop and maintain automated, zero-downtime deployment capability

·         Understanding of Licensing and Contracts
·         Exhibits strong analytical and problem solving skills
·         Working knowledge of security team requirements including patching and deviations
·         Ability to work effectively under pressure with constantly changing priorities and deadlines
·         Proficiency in use of personal computers, Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) and e-mail skills required

·         Manufacturing support experience is additional.

·         Basic knowledge of Open Source solutions
·         Basic experience with modern programming languages such as java or C# 
·         Technical knowledge of Chef, OpenStack, AWS, SDN, MySQL, Hadoop 


·         Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Management Information Technology
·         3 to 5 years experience in a relevant Jabil IT position OR equivalent external work experience.
·         Or an equivalent combination of education, training or experience.






1. 與DCF(Digital Connected Factory )團隊一起深入的理解和支持DCF(Digital Connected Factory )團隊所支持的項目及產品
2. 與AI 團隊一起開發和搭建AI系统
3. 維護和保證AI 系统順利上線
4. 優先解决AI系统在實施和運行過程中遇到的问题
5. 用DevOps的理念標準化和自動化工作中的各種流程


1. 精通Linux和Windows
2. 精通Docker的搭建和運維以及其運行機制
3. 熟悉Java, C# 等
4.熟悉PowerShell, Bash, JavaScript等
5. 熟悉RabbitMQ, Kafka的應用場景以及開發和support的最佳實踐
6. 熟練運用Cloud (Azure, AWS都可)搭建項目所需要的基礎架構
7. 熟練運用DevOps工具(如: Jenkins)和熟悉DevOps CI/CD的理念
8. 有數據庫開發和维護經驗, 包括但不限于: SQL Server , Oracle, MySQL




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